Nashville – A Diverse Tennessee City

Nashville is located in Tennessee and is the capital of the state. The Cumberland River is situated near the central area of Tennessee. Nashville is well known for being a hub for music, banking, healthcare, transportation and publishing industries. The city is also home to several institutions of higher learning.

The city is also home to the state government as well; it is home to the State Supreme Court. Nashville has also earned the nickname of “Music City, USA, because of its strong ties to the country music genre.

Ever since the early 1960’s, Nashville has had a type of government that is classified as consolidated city-county. This government includes several smaller municipalities that are in a two-tier system. The city is governed by a:

• Mayor
• Vice-Mayor
• Metropolitan Council (40 members)

Five of these members are elected as at-large members, while thirty-five are elected from one member districts. According to estimates from 2015 of the U.S. Census, total population included in the consolidated city-county government was almost 679,000.

Nashville’s History

Nashville was a town that was founded by Overmountain Men, John Donelson and James Robertson in 1779. The town was established near the original settlement of Cumberland (Fort Nashborough). The area was named for Frances Nash.

The town rapidly increased in size in part to its strategic location, as well as its accessibility for being a port on the Cumberland River. It later gained status as a primary railroad center for the region.

Nashville’s Skyline

The downtown area of Nashville provides a wide assortment of architectural, cultural, dining and entertainment attractions. The area of 2nd Avenue and Broadway provides residents and tourists options for night clubs, restaurants and entertainment venues.

North of this area lies the CBD (Central Business District), Capitol Hill and Legislative Plaza. Cultural attractions are widely dispersed throughout the city.
There are three major interstates that run through the core of the downtown area. These interstates are:

• I-40
• I-65
• I-24

As a result, there are many regional cities that are only a drive away from Nashville.
The first skyscraper built in Nashville was the Life and Casualty Tower. Construction on this building was finished in 1957. This soon led to other high-rise construction in the city.

Nashville is a city that has stood out as unique ever since it was founded in the late 1770’s. It continues to be a draw for tourists and for those who are looking to call the area home.